Wildlife control is specialty work, and every job is different. There's no one-price-fits all option. To get a free price quote over the phone for your wildlife situation, call us at 865-248-6788 and describe your animal issue, and we can give you a phone estimate. Factors that can affect price include:

  • Type of animal and number of animals
  • Location of animals (yard, or in attic?)
  • Number of trap setups we will need to use
  • Amount of animal damage repairs needed
  • Size of house, extent of inspection needed
  • Potential dangerous roof or animal factors
  • Do you need animal waste and odor cleanup?
  • Driving distance to your property

Blount County trapping Are you looking for top-notch wildlife removal services in the area at a price that will not break the bank? Then look no further since we've got you covered. We are employing quality wildlife management that is safe, reliable, and effective. We do not use poisons and chemicals; we only use equipment and products that adhere to the international-recognized standards. We also value our people; we make sure that we will address all the safety issues and employ excellent work practices. We believe that by investing in the skills and the welfare of our employees, it will translate to a better quality of work. We make sure that they will have all the possible opportunities to grow and learn. We can provide a complete range of wildlife-related services for our workers. From the free inspection of your property up to follow-up services, we want to make sure that all needs of our customers have been addressed optimally. We are armed with tools, equipment, and the expertise to completely get rid of the full-blown rodent infestation or safely extract a venomous snake from the narrow areas of your home. With over ten years of working in the business of wildlife, we have developed a system that will ensure that your home will remain free from wildlife invasion for years.